Undoubtedly I am no different than most Witchfinder General fans. I’m a big Black Sabbath fan and when Sabbath broke up, a great void was created.

In the day, many bands dabbled in recreating the Sabbath sound, from Bang to Pentagram, but few were able to recreate that classic sound… until Witchfinder General.

Now DON’T GET ME WRONG, Witchfinder General aren’t a Black Sabbath clone band. They are THE band who understood the DYNAMICS of Black Sabbath’s WALL OF SOUND and then worked that dynamic into their own unique blend of song writing.

I discovered Witchfinder General in 1982 with the release of their Death Penalty album. I was late, missing their first two ep’s Burning a Sinner and Soviet Invasion, but that was ok because Death Penalty was such a strong piece of work that I was made instantly fanatical about this band. They were immediately incredible in my mind, and to this day I am still listening to those two full length LP’s and still loving every note, word and squeak!

A great cover by Cauldron So good.

Earthen Grave with a really great cover of Burning a Sinner. Well done!

And a wicked cover by Mutant Disease

And some excellent guitar covers by Deventry

And a beautiful and moving cover of I Lost You.

Here are some links to some other Witchfinder General resources.

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Related Music

Black Sabbath – The band that started it all!

Bang – in particular their debut eponymous (self titled) release.

sHeavy – A band from Newfoundland (East Coast Canada) So Sabbathy!!! So good!!!

Pentagram – Great Sabbathy music with a garage band quality to it. Fun!

Solitude Aeturnus – A modern spin on Sabbath with powerful chops n vocals.

Diamond Head – One of the greatest bands EVER, in my humble opinion. And they gigged with WFG in the day!

Tank – Tank sound like Motorhead, not Sabbath, but also were on the scene with WFG in the early 80’s and are a whole lotta fun!.

Orange Goblin – These guys are crazy and they’re into WFG.